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Organising Committee

Honorary Advisors:                     

                                                   Hon Charles MOK, JP

                                                   Ir Dr Hon LO Wai-kwok, SBS, MH, JP

                                                   Ir John CHAN



Chairman:                                  Mr Joseph LAI 


Vice-Chairman:                          Dr Ernest CHANG


Honorary Secretary:                   Mr Joe WAN

Honorary Treasurer:                   Mr Wallace POON


Master of Ceremonies:               Ms Kristy CHU, Mr Keith LEUNG, and Ms Cleo LAU 


Sponsor Coordinators:               Mr Jeff SUN, Mr Dennis LIN, Mr YC FONG

                                                   Mr Raymond LUI, Mr Kakit HO and Mr Ivan LAM


Speaker Coordinators:               Mr Brian WONG and Mr Anthony KWAN

Supporting Organization:            Mr Alex LAI and Mr Anthony KWAN


Floor Management:                     Dr Owen LAW, Mr KH MO, and Mr Jason TANG


Publication & Logistic:                 Dr WK YEUNG, Mr Brian WONG,

                                                    and Mr KH MO

Souvenir and Certificate:             Mr Ray TO

Registration Coordinator:            Mr Alex LAI, and Mr Herbert LEUNG 

Promotion Channel & Website:   Mr Wallace POON, and Mr Kakit Ho

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